So last week I set about creating a new background in the studio. I had a spare wall and some wood panels lying around from an old room set I had created


So I started with four 8ftx2ft MDF panels which were already painted white from an old room set. I fixed these to the wall using 3×2″ CLS timber, I used plasterboard jointing tape between the joints to prevent it cracking when the paint was applied. I gave this a base coat of black matt paint.


Just before that coat was dry I went over it with a light grey silk paint. There is a reason I used silk… I’ll explain further down.

I bought rapid set Tile Adhesive, now unfortunately I mixed this way to wet (added too much water) so instead of being able to use a trowel to apply the adhesive to the wall I had to use a paint roller. What a mess that made!

But actually it worked out really well, it meant the adhesive wasn’t going on as thickly meaning it wouldn’t need much to sand it back to let the silk paint show through from below. I used Silk because it would pick up and reflect the light through some of the concrete on top of it to help make parts of the background stand out.


As the adhesive started to dry out, I used another paint roller to soften some of the edges of the adhesive and this helped to add a little texture to it, it was also easy to wipe the drips of adhesive away to give it more of a concrete look.

It was -2 in the studio when I did this so it was taking a long time for the adhesive to set, I used two fans to help dry off the adhesive.

For the sake of 3 or 4 hours work, and a little mess this background worked quite well. Including the original price of the MDF this cost around £50 to build which is a lot cheaper than some of the hand painted backgrounds that are available.



I couldn’t help but test it on my boys when they arrived at the studio, it was still wet at this point!





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